Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Bakerloo line...all 24 miles of it (we got lost!)

I thought I would give you a quick update on the run I had done as some of you have been incredibly generous and sponsored us. This is in relation to my previous blog post.

So last Thursday, 4 days ago, I finished work at 5 past 5 (and yes I have claimed the 5 minutes overtime). I strolled out of RBS Aldgate Union in my pyjama bottoms (I am doing all the runs in PJ's to highlight that Harry was only a child when he died) and being a bank located in London everyone's reaction in the building was very British! Not one person asked me why I was wearing Monster Munch Pyjama bottoms! Whilst I am known to be slightly out there and quirky this was on a whole different level! Yet there I was, in the lift, and I knew people were looking, I knew they wanted to ask, but their Britishness prevented them from doing so. Next time you see me (in my PJ's) talk to me - I don't bite!

I met my dad outside, who questioned the wisdom of strolling outside a corporate company in Monster Munch PJ's - my dad is part of the old school. This was a new RBS, time to rip up the rulebook! My dad, also known as the support crew, walked down to Bank Station with me to meet my mate Jon who was taking on the challenge with me. The other 7 guys would join me on runs when they could.

We jumped on the tube from Bank to Embankment and then got on the Bakerloo line (my nemisis) and rode the tube for 45 minutes to Harrow & Wheldstone. 45 minutes! On a tube! It was at this point I realised what I had done. I had not trained, yes I had ran the Circle line, but this was a different level. It was 18:30, we were literally in the middle of no where - me, Jon and the support crew (my dad). We got a photo, my dad jumped back on the tube and we were to meet him at Harlesdon - 8 miles away.

After 2 miles it was a clear we had done a left when we needed to of done a right! That was a big blow! Anyway we rattled through Kenton, South Kenton and then ran 2.6 miles to Wembley north - which should be renamed 'The end of the World'. We then met it's little brother - Wembley Central, again an awful place. Another tube stop down then Stoenbridge Park - we had been running for an hour and a half and because we got lost a couple of times had already rattled up 10.3 miles by the time we met the support crew.

I was cold, my foot was hurting, people were not being complimentary on the PJ's, we were running through 'Gangland Britain'. By the time I met the support crew I was in an awful way, I had turned my ankle, I was blowing out of my arse and I'd had enough of the Westlife album I was listening to to inspire me! Still we had to carry on, people had sponsored us after all and if Harry had taught me anything it was to never give up, no matter how desperately low you felt.

We would meet the support crew at Baker Street. Harlesdon to Wilesdown Junction to Kensal Green, past a crime scene investigation and on to Queens Park, through a horrific housing estate to get to Kilburn Park. Then Maida Vale, ah Maida Vale - where nice people live and men are free to run in PJ bottoms without fear of being knifed down. Warwick Avenue, Paddington, Edgware Rd, Marylebone - The Suport Crew and Baker Street! At this point my foot was killing me, absolutely killing me. We had done 18.8 miles, it was fast approaching 10PM. The support crew did it's job - he gave out the waters and a questionable Glucose Gel.

We would do this. We would finish this.

Baker Street, Regents Park, Oxford Circus and a lot of requests for photos - for that moment I felt like a member of TOWIE. On to the bright lights of Picadilly, Charing Cross, Embankment - all the time taking wrong turns! Over the bridge, the phone finally dies - no more Westlife for me. Completely running on empty, my foot has caused me to adapt the way I run which is placing huge pressure on my groin and my left knee. Waterloo, Lambeth North...24 miles, 4.5 hours and we had hit Elephant and Castle. I almost broke down! I just couldn't believe I had done it. Unable to stand anymore, Jon and I - in PJ bottoms, hugged in front of concerned looking people. I struggled on to the tube and got in to my bed at 11:45 ready for an exciting day (!) at work tomorrow!

2 lines done. Next up is 17 miles of the Northern line - Edgware to Waterloo. Who fancies it?! I went to the docs about my foot, I have got a common runners injury known as Plantar Fasicitis - he advises a month's rest. I have already booked in an appointment for Friday! Bring it on...17 miles - should be easy :) sponsor us at or at least don't ignore me in the lift!

A sincere thanks to everyone who has sponsored me - what you have done is made a huge difference. Kids die everyday of brain cancer, that ain't right. With your help the guys at Cancer Research can help makes Harry's campaign - a campaign to cure brain cancer - a reality rather than just a dream. Stay tuned for Friday's blog and look out for us on the Northern Line!

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