Wednesday, 16 November 2011

The Northern line is no match for a man in pyjama bottoms..

As promised I thought I would I give you an update on the latest run. It was savage!

So for those of you who don't know I am trying to run all 406 miles of the London Underground for an amazing young man's charity - Harry Moseley, who sadly died recently. His campaign - aims to find a cure for brain cancer. Harry died when he was just 11 but his amazing work continues and I am trying to raise £10,000 for his charity.

So we have completed all 19 miles of the Circle line, we’ve run 24 miles of the Bakerloo line last Thursday and last night I was facing around 17-18 miles of the Northern Line. Luke, one of the team of tube runners, and I were running from Edgware down to Waterloo. It is worth pointing out I have done no training, and running scares me! So 17 miles of running, after work, in the dark and cold feels me with dread but last night was even worse. I have been diagnosed with a common foot injury known as Plantar Fasicitis - basically you have a ligament type thing running along the arch of your foot and I had strained it. The doctor advised one month of complete rest. I explained I had 17 miles of running to do. She asked me when this was, I informed her it was in 3 days time. She was not impressed. A four minute argument later and agreed to help put together a plan for me which would enable me to try and manage the injury. This involved taping up of the injury, regular foot exercies, deep massage and she also insisted I buy some actual running trainers - I am a bit of an idiot and so have been doing these runs in what can only be generously described as passable trainers.

So at half 5 - not the day to be staying late at work - I met the support crew, also known as my dad, big Steve Whyley (my mum and dad ran out of names by the time they had me so opted to call me Steve as well...cheers for that Mum and Dad!). The rain was falling and I was wearing my pyjama bottoms. I was wearing my ridiculous Monster Munch PJ's because 256 kids get diagnosed with terminal brain cancer each year. The kids PJ's are my way of highlighting that kids suffer from this awful disease.

At 5.50 we met my mate Luke who was running with me. He was also in PJ's. We boarded the sardine carrier (the tube) and got it all the way to Edgware. Again I was ill prepared, I needed the toilet and Edgware station didn't have one. Brilliant. My foot was uncomfortable and Luke and I were dreading the next 3 hours of our life! I had the route mapped out - I knew where I was going (I hoped) and we agreed we would meet the support crew (dad) at Brent Cross. My music kicked in and the immense Lionel Richie came on at just the right time! We were flying through the stations - Burnt Oak - done, Collindale - easy, Hendon Central - getting more difficult and then Hendon Central to Brent Cross was where my foot really began to hurt. The support crew came to the rescue though with a much needed Mars bar and Water! On we went - Golders Green safely negotiated. We then climbed what seemed like one of the steepest hill's I have ever come across! Luke's knee had gone and I was really beginning to suffer with my foot and this hill never seemed to end but sure enough after what seemed a lifetime it did end, just in time for me to nearly get knocked down by a car! Ha! I don't know if the driver was more shaken up by the fact she almost mowed me down or by more stupid PJ bottoms. She wound down her window, I said it was fine provided she sponsored us. She took down the link, I am expecting a sizeable donation :)

Hampstead - as far removed from North Wembley as you can imagine. Think Park Avenue vs the Bronx. Then Belsize Park followed by Chalk farm and another meet up with the support crew. We were well on our way now. My foot was now just numb and I was ready to complete this. Luke and I were getting on great and were really helping each other. We powered through Camden, where I think they see men in pyjama bottoms most evenings as we didn't seem to get much of a reaction! We passed the questionable Mornington Crescent and flew past Euston, Warren Street and met the old man at Goodge Street. We were just 6 stops away from home! Tottenham Court Rd, Leicester Square, Charing Cross, Embankment and then the final destination – Waterloo.

We had made it! 17 miles in 2 hours 52 minutes! One of us had a bad knee, the other a bad foot. But we had made it. I then proceeded to ring half the girls in my phonebook, who I fancy, but who haven't reciprocated the feeling, hoping my tale of woe would in someway weaken them! They seemed proud of me but alas I think that first date is still some way off! I checked my phone to see we had gone past the £2000 raised figure during the run, so whilst I had not secured a date and whilst I was in a bit of pain the over whelming feeling was one of happiness - we had raised £2000. £2000 for an amazing cause and this is just the beginning. We will hit £10,000, we will help make a difference, if only a small difference and we will complete all 406 miles. Starting next Thursday where we run the other half of the Northern Line - the doctor is annoyed at me but I don't care because we have hit £2000 and the doctor is fit!


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