Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Give us your money (please!)...

Afternoon all,

Tonight, after work, I am running 20.4 miles - the whole of the Bakerloo line, in my pyjama bottoms. I am doing this for two reasons. One is that I am almost certainly mad. The other is that I have been inspired by an amazing 11 year old called Harry Moseley.

Harry, 11, lost his battle to cancer a week ago. His funeral is today. The way he lived his life however will always resonate with me - he was, despite being gravely ill, determined to help others ( - he wanted to cure Brain Cancer. He wanted to cure it so much that he raised £500,000 in 3 years, despite having tens of operations, two lots of chemotherapy and one course of radium.

Last month six friends and I decided to run the circle line (17 miles) in the hope we could raise a bit of money for his charity - we raised £1500 because of the generosity shown by my friends, family and colleagues. I wanted to continue what Harry had done, I wanted to try and help others. Whilst I will never reach the stage of Harry I wanted to follow his example and see if I could raise some cash for his incredible charity.

When he died I realised the Circle line wasn't enough, nor was £1500. I had to run every line, all 13 of them. 17 miles wasn't enough - I had to run the full 406 miles. 18 stations wasn't enough - I had to do all 272. Most importantly £1500 isn't enough, I want to raise £10,000 which is still not enough but once I have hit £10,000 I can then go for £20,000 and if I have run out of tube lines then I will go to a different city and run their tube.

The pyjama bottoms came in to play because I realised Harry was a kid, he was 11 - I wanted to raise awareness that kids suffer from this horrible disease.

If any of you fine people fancy donating you can - - read his story, he was an amazing kid.

If any of you fancy going for a run with us (you don't have to wear PJ bottoms!) then I can give you a schedule of runs. Finally we are organising a massive fun run - the Waterloo and City line - 1.3 miles on the Friday 9th December, Come and join us and whilst your there get people to sponsor you to walk/run/skip the 1.3 miles of the shortest tube line on the underground.

For anyone who donates, thanks. For anyone who doesn't - just make sure you read his story..(



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